Paul Schorn attorney at law

Problems at work?

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Paul Schorn is a trial lawyer who devotes his entire legal practice to representing the victims of illegal workplace discrimination and retaliation in Austin and throughout Texas.

He represents clients on a contingency fee basis, so he only receives a fee if he obtains a recovery. He also advances all case expenses, so that the client is not required to pay anything “up front” for representation (often important to anyone who’s just lost their job).

Mr. Schorn has represented employees since 1997 in state and federal courts. Before that he represented employers both in private practice and as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas, which provided him important insight into how these cases are handled by employers and their lawyers.

Justice never strolls into the courtroom of its own accord; it must usually be dragged by its heels, kicking and screaming.

Photograph by Jennifer Lindberg

Photograph by Jennifer Lindberg